3 Simple Standing Yoga Poses

3 Simple Standing Yoga PosesStanding yoga poses are the foundation of many yoga poses and have many benefits, such as increased flexibility and strength. Keep these three standing poses in mind when you are looking to open up the legs, core, or hips.

  1. Wide-legged forward bend:  Jump your feet about four feet about, with your heels slightly turned outward. Bend forward slowly while keeping the core engaged and place your hands on the ground right under your shoulders. Lean further down and grab the outside of your feet and slightly pull to give your body a deeper stretch.
  2. Big toe pose: Stand straight with your feet parallel and about six inches apart. Exhale and bend forward from your hip joints, keeping your legs completely straight. If you begin to feel any tightness in the low back, gently bend at the knees. Grip your big toes with your index and middle fingers, or “peace fingers”, of each hand and push down firmly with your toes.
  3. Garland pose: Squat down with your feet as close together as possible. Separate your thighs until they are slightly wider than your torso, and lean slightly forward. Press your elbows against your inner knees and bring your hands to heart center, pressing your palms together, and resist the knees into your elbows.

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