5 Methods to Cool Your Anger

5 Methods to Cool Your AngerThere are ways to calm down that don’t involve punching holes in the wall!

Whether its societal outrage, something personal, or even losing a game of FIFA, you are bound to get angry at some point. A recent survey indicated that a majority of Americans are angrier than they were a few years (linked to the rise of social media). Use these 5 methods to mindfully calm your anger before you lose your temper!

  1. Breathe

When your body is relaxed, so is your mind. Clasp your hands behind your back and take a deep breath. Hold it for three seconds before exhaling slowly. If your hands or jaw is clenched, be sure to relax them.

  1. Rate the anger

By realizing that you are not your anger, you’ve distanced yourself from it and it’s become something malleable that you can now destroy—calmly!

  1. Think about your anger

Look inward to find the cause of your anger. Identify what made you angry and ask yourself if your response was the appropriate one. Admitting you may have overreacted is a good step to prevent future outbursts.

  1. Reflect on your anger

Is this anger something that’s been pent up inside of you for ages? Is it an inherited anger, or a learned one? If you don’t find the answer, it’s okay. The fact that you’re exploring means you’re already growing as a person.

  1. A new direction

Much like Zayn from 1-Direction, you must find a new direction to channel your present state. Perhaps take a walk or call a best-friend or parent to support you. Anything that helps calm you down is good.


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