5 Questions About Meditation You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask—Answered!

5 Questions About Meditation You Were Too Embarrassed to Ask—AnsweredMeditation is for everyone, and knows no limits. It can be hard to start, but these 5 questions answered will help you out.

Curious about meditation but don’t know where to start? Do you feel like it’s maybe too late for you to start? The phrase, you can’t teach and old dog new tricks has never been more wrong—you can absolutely learn at any time in your life! These 5 answers will give you the know-how on what to do if you’re curious about meditating.

When am I even supposed to find the time?

It’s best to meditate in the morning before everyone wakes up. Be sure not to look at your phone, because this time is for you.

Where do I meditate?

You should meditate in the place you find the most comfortable and relaxed. For some, it’s by the calmness of the beach, for others, it’s inside by the fireplace as they hear the crackling of the firewood.

Should I use any props?

You should use a cushion, pillow, or yoga block so that your hips are elevated above your knees and your spine is nice and long. Make sure that you’re comfortable and sitting up straight so the spinal fluid allows the flow of energy from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

Why should I meditate?

For many people, it brings spiritual enlightenment and reduced stress. It also helps them to achieve their goals. By meditating every day, they see it as a commitment; if they commit to meditating every day, they can commit to achieve any goal they desire. But if you’re just looking for a stress reliever, that’s as valid a reason as any.


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