6 Surprising Uses for Essential Oils Everyone Should Know

6 Surprising Uses for Essential Oils Everyone Should KnowEssential oils can be used for many things apart from just making you smell nice.

Essential oils are the Swiss army knife of the therapeutic world because of their practical uses. Essential oils smell really nice, and many swear by their effects on our body’s health and mental state. Here are 6 uses for essential oils everyone should know for when they have something that needs tending to!

6 Uses for Essential Oils

  • Every time you change the air filters in your home, place a few drops of essential oil on the filter. As it sifts through the air particles, the clean air that gets through will pick up the aroma of the oils and make your house smell great!
  • Do you have a stubborn headache? Add a few drops of Birch essential oil to the shampoo you’ll be using and wash your hair. Likewise, you can dab a few drop of peppermint essential oil on your temple, sinuses, and neck.
  • Rub a drop of Lemon essential oil on the side of your nose to clear the symptoms of your flu or cold. (Don’t forget to get some rest and drink plenty of fluids!)
  • Create “Monster Repellent” by adding a few drop of Lavender essential oil to a small spray bottle with water in it. It will create a monster-free zone, and help lull the children to sleep.
  • Add Cilantro, Lemon and/or Lime essential oil to your favorite salsa or guacamole recipe to give it that extra POP of flavor!
  • Add a drop of Sandalwood essential oil to your shaving cream to give you a fresh and pleasant-smelling experience.

Essential oil works for more than just making your skin nice and moisturized! Our Young Living Essential Oils work to give you all of these benefits and more! For all of your dietary advice, or dance, yoga, and Pilates classes to help you start feeling your best, contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California.

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