A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Essential Oils (by Trimester)

A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Essential Oils (by Trimester)Essential oils can be a pregnant woman’s best friend, but before submerging yourself in an essential oil, it’s important to be informed before you use them.


Week 1: Stick to oils that are familiar and fresh like Lavender, Citrus Fresh, and Lemongrass.

Week 7: Start slow and low. Your body is flushed with hormones and there’s no telling how your body will react to certain compounds.

Week 9: This is your nauseous period, so keep it at bay by snacking regularly.


Week 16: It’s important that you exercise regularly during your pregnancy. Taking walks and swimming are great activities for pregnant women. Citrus Fresh and Jade Lemon are great to get you moving.

Week 20: Folate is essential for the development of a healthy fetus. Folate is an essential B vitamin.


Week 27: Apply essential oils topically by adding several drops to your facial moisturizer or body lotion and apply on a daily basis.

Week 34: Essential oils–like Lavender and Frankincense­­–can be incorporated into your bedtime routine to create a relaxing aroma.

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