Calm Down With These Anxiety-Eliminating Foods

Calm Down With These Anxiety-Eliminating FoodsYou may have anxiety, don’t let it define you with these anxiety-busting foods.

What you put in your body is what you’re going to get out. It’s what fuels your body and your brain, which provides some evidence for the gut-to-brain connection. In essence, the nutrients that you put in your body may send signals to your central nervous system that can cause chemical imbalances in your brain and create mood changes. There is still more research to support this hypothesis, but early indications provide some correlation. Many people around the world suffer from some form of anxiety. If you are tired of being limited by your anxiety, try out these foods.

  1. Spinach – Very high in magnesium, a strong calming mineral.
  2. Fish – It contains an amino acid called L-Lysine, which affects neurotransmitters involved in stress and anxiety.
  3. Oats – In herbal medicine, nervines support a healthy nervous system and are used to treat mild to moderate cases of anxiety.

Eating right and exercise are good ways in which you can help combat your anxiety. Try a danceyoga, or Pilates class to kick start your body’s purification process. Contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California to learn more about the cleansing power of getting moving!

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