Beauty Regimens for All Kinds of Skin Types

Beauty Regimens for All Kinds of Skin Types

Every person has different skin which must be treated as uniquely as the person themselves.

There is no limit to what many of us would do to have perfect skin (or a Klondike Bar). Whether it’s harsh lasers, chemical peels, injections, the list goes on. There is, however, an alternative to paying thousands of dollars to get your skin treated with these weird things. The elusive formula for perfect skin can be found, actually, right in your fridge or pantry! And no, it’s not the double-stuffed Oreos. The following are the most common kinds of skin types that exist and how to find the right regimen for each one.

Oily Skin

Oily skin may be a digestive issue, so cleaning up your diet may be the best remedy. Avoid the hard to digest foods to get your body back to normal. Things like dairy and processed sugars should be removed completely, getting 40 grams of fiber every day from fruits and vegetables, and drinking dandelion tea should clean the liver (where fats and glucose are stored).

Dry Skin

Dry skin may be treated by introducing collagen, moisture, and fat. A diet high in healthy fats and protein is important to help dry your skin. This means a decrease in the total amount of carbs you digest to not gain a whole lot of weight. And drinking at least 100 ounces of water per day is essential.

“Normal” Skin

Be sure to stick with an anti-inflammatory diet that will help your skin weather changes in hormones, aging, and stress. Lowering dairy, sugar, gluten, and adding healthy fats are key to this kind of diet.

You shouldn’t have to burn your face off with lasers to achieve your goal of healthy skin. For all of your dietary advice, or dance, yoga, and Pilates classes to help you start feeling your best, contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California.

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