Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Breathing Exercises to Reduce Stress

Bust Stress with These Breathing Exercises

Whether you find yourself swamped during a busy workday, stressing while trying to pay your bills, or running ragged trying to keep up with the kids, there are probably moments in your week that could use an extra dose of relaxation. To help, we want to highlight these breathing exercises to reduce stress.

  • Seated Breathing: Sit in a comfortable chair and maintain your spine’s natural curves. Draw your shoulder blades down and let your shoulders rest evenly. Breathe into the lowest lobes of your lungs for a count of five, letting your lower ribs expand. For a count of seven, push all the breath out, emptying your lungs of air. Repeat until your feel calm.
  • Pride Pose: Standing, place your feet hip-width apart and hold your arms above your head, shoulder-width apart or wider, whichever feels best. Be sure to only lift your arms as high as it is comfortable for your body. Breathe deeply for two minutes. This can help reduce cortisol in your body.

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