Clear Your Home of Negative Energy With These Tips

Clear Your Home of Negative Energy With These Tips

Ridding your home of negative energy for the arrival of spring is easy with these simple tips.

In this piece, we’ll be talking about negative energy. No, not the yet-to-be-detected negative energy used by the USS Enterprise to go to warp — as seen in “Star Trek” — the other negative energy that we sometimes feel around us and isn’t zen. If you are interested in clearing the negative energy built over the winter, follow these steps to get you started on the right foot this spring!

  1. Clap in Corners

The quickest way to get the stagnant negative energy out of your space is by clapping in the corners of every room. The sound waves that are generated by your clapping are meant to shake things that are stuck.

  1. If it’s broken, fix it

Things that are broken in your home need to be fixed because these things are a reflection of your life. Though a home will never be perfect, doing your best with what you have will always result in positive energy being created.

  1. Surrender

Forcing your home to look or feel a certain way creates negative energy as you are lying to yourself. Let go of anything that feels like an obligation rather than a joy. Maybe that picture of your mother-in-law has to mysteriously disappear for your home to be flooded with the positive energy it’s keeping out.

Doing these basic steps will relieve your home of negative energy, and prepare you for a good positive spring. For all things Zen, and for all of your dance, yoga, and Pilates classes to help you start feeling your best, contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California. So pick up the phone, and, as Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say, “Engage.”

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