How To: Finally Do Inversions

How To: Finally Do InversionsYour Guide To Mastering Inversions

Inversions are great for your body and your mind, but getting into them can feel daunting. After all, you have spent your whole life with your feet on the ground! Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to conquer inversions. Just use these tips.

  • Strengthen Your Muscles: In order to do an inversion, you need your core and arms to be strong. Take time in your practice to target these muscle groups. A great way to work them both together is to use dolphin pose (makarasana).
  • Ease Yourself In: Before you get straight into your inversion, practice in water. You will get used to the feeling of being inverted in water without any of the fear of falling that normally comes with learning inversions (do not worry, that fear goes away!).
  • Visualize It: If you think you are going to fall, you will. Take the time to focus your mind on a visualization of yourself in your inversion. Know that you can do it. Imagine yourself comfortably, strongly rooted in your inversion and soon, you will be making your visualization a reality!

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