How to Restore Your Skin’s Natural Glow

How to Restore Your Skin’s Natural GlowThese 9 easy-to-follow steps will help your restore your face’s natural glow.

Are you one of the many that suffer from puffy morning face, or need to hide the sloppy excursions of last night from your boss? You’ve come to the right place. There are nine easy massages you can apply to your face that will help you get back that glow that makes you look your absolute best.

(Hint: You should start the massage with a clean face and apply brightening serum evenly.)

  1. With your fingers on your cheeks just outside of your nostrils, apply some pressure and press upward into the groove three times.
  1. Move towards the inside of your cheek bones, under your pupil, then drag your fingers to the outside of your cheek bones three times.
  1. Press your fingers from the outside of your cheek bones to right under your temples. Press three times.
  1. Place your fingers under the eye bags (where you’d start to wipe your tears if you’re watching “Inside Out”) and press three times.
  1. Swipe your fingers to the center of the top of your cheek bones, under the eye bags.
  1. About 1 centimeter from the hairline, by your temples, press firmly three times.
  1. With both hands, pinch the inside of your eyebrows upwards. Then go to the middle, then the outside.
  1. Now, sweep the hands back to outside of the nostrils (see: step 1), and repeat three times.
  1. End the massage by gently sweeping through positions 1, 2, and 3 and ending with the top of your head.


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