One Body Studios Presents: Essential Oils

One Body Studios Presents: Essential Oils for Hormones

Essential Oils 101 & Essential Oils

What are essential oils, where do they come from?

We have Essential Oils 101 on April 24 / 2:30-4:30 PM and then Essential Oils for Hormones on May 21 / 1-3 PM.

Essential oils are a volatile substance that contains that natural smell and characteristics of the plant that is being extracted.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and more powerful than dried herbs. On the extreme end, it can take up to 4000 pounds of an herb to make only 1 pound of essential oil—while, on the other end, can still take up to 100 pounds to produce 1 pound.

Each essential oil can contain hundreds of different chemical compounds.

Essential oils are volatile. Don’t worry, though; this definition isn’t what you think. It simply means that it evaporates quickly; passing off in the form of vapor.

About the Events

Essential Oils 101:

Have you been curious about essential oils but haven’t quite found the time or the resources to learn all the amazing things about them?  No problem, we’ve got you covered!  Come and spend an afternoon with Mary O’Meara learning about the OM-AZING benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils and all the ways they can support us.  From cleaning to wellness, we will learn how to use them in our everyday lives.  Not only will we leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from sampling different oils, but we will also leave feeling equipped to tackle many different things in a non-toxic and natural way.

Essential Oils for Hormones: 

Come and join Mary O’Meara for an afternoon where we will spend some time digging deeper into how to keep our hormones, and specifically our (women’s) health above the wellness line!  

  • balance thyroid
  • nourish the adrenals
  • happier, lighter periods
  • healthier skin
  • cleanse the liver

For more information on these two new classes and to sign up, contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California.

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