De-Stress at the Day’s End With These Practices

Had a crazy, hectic day? Use these practices to de-stress at the day’s end.

Practices to De-Stress at the Day's EndWe just keep moving faster and faster. Our busy world keeps us all running throughout the day, but after work – when your time is your own – you deserve to be able to slow down. No matter how jam-packed or demanding your day, you can use these practices to de-stress at the day’s end and enjoy a serene evening.

  1. Say goodbye to the day’s stresses. Don’t bring work home! Before you walk in your front door, say goodbye to whatever happened that day. If some of it needs to carry into tomorrow, create a to-do list – but leave it at your desk or in the car!
  2. Set the scene. Help yourself unwind with cues. Dim the lights, light some candles, and diffuse a calming scent like lavender. A few drops of lavender essential oil on your wrists and temples can help you slow down.
  3. Check in on yourself. Lie on your back and scan your body from head to toe, releasing any areas of tension. Allow your mind to slow and ease into your evening.

If you have a hard time immediately checking stress at the door, why not create a buffer between your workday and your home life? Check out a dance, yoga, or Pilates class work off the day and head into your evening feeling centered and energized! Contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California to for a class schedule or more info.

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