The Many Benefits of Dance

The Many Benefits of Dance

Dancing has many different benefits. Along with the physical benefits that go along with dancing as an exercise, there are also different mental benefits.

One of the major benefits that has been studied in dancers is the ability to not get dizzy or lose their balance while spinning across the floor. Practicing spinning moves can help you reshape the cerebellum, which allows you to create super-fluidity in your moves and not get dizzy. The more you practice these moves, the more you are able to suppress signals that come from the balance organs that are located inside the inner ear and linked to the cerebellum. This allows you to spin longer, or simply move faster, without getting dizzy.

One of the other benefits that has been linked to dancing it the ability to improve muscle memory. Even if you do not dance an entire routine, simply visualizing the dance moves can help you to memorize better. While it is not known if this muscle memory can be transferred to other aspects of life, it may be able to help with other cognitive issues.

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