Tips To Eat More Mindfully

Tips To Eat More Mindfully
Curb Your Cravings—And Your Response To Them—With These Tricks

In your head, you know that candy bar will come back to bite you. In your heart, however, you just want it. How do you reconcile these warring factions? Being more mindful about what you eat can help you consume what your body needs without giving in to your cravings. Here are a few tips to introduce mindfulness into your eating habits.

  1. Wait It Out: Do you really, really want that bag of chips? Set a timer for ten minutes, and see if you are still dying for that snack when it runs out. Try drinking a glass of water during those ten minutes to help fill your stomach.
  2. Reason It Out: Why are you reaching for this snack or treat? Are you hungry? Or are you eating to banish boredom or Band-Aid another emotion? Try addressing your reason for eating, and you may not want that unhealthy option after all.
  3. Write It Out: Start keeping a food journal. Knowing you will have to write each food choice down can help motivate you towards healthier habits.

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