What 30 Days of Yoga Can Do for You

What 30 Days of Yoga Can Do for You

The art of yoga is something you may get into for increased physical ability, but it can teach you so much more.

Many people enter the realm of yoga for the improved flexibility, a bit more upper-body strength, and a solid core, but what people don’t anticipate is the emotional upheaval and deeper awareness that could be a side-effect of your training. If you are interested in practicing yoga, here are some insights you could get about yourself and about life.

  1. Anger Is a Normal Emotion

We often feel uncomfortable after expressing our negative emotions like sadness and anger. You may feel a bit of anger while holding a position longer than you’d like. Instead of letting go and starting again when you feel good, stay with your anger and breathe through it. Getting more comfortable with your emotions is very important in order to grow.

  1. No One Is Perfect

There is no such thing as “perfect.” The perfect pose or the perfect form are all fictitious. Of course, good form is important to prevent injury, but there’s a difference between correct and perfect. Working through progress is more rewarding than achieving perfection instantly.

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