Change Your Life With Yin Yoga

Yoga Studio La Habra CAHow This Practice Can Transform Your Life

Yin yoga focuses on working deeply within the body, offering healing to your joints, bones, connective tissues, and fascia. While yang yoga will work your muscles, yin yoga has distinct other benefits. Here are just a few.

  • Improving Flexibility: If you have noticed that your range of motion is becoming increasingly limited as you age, turn to yin yoga. Your fascia (the webs of tissue that weave through your body) needs to be stretched out to improve your flexibility, and yin yoga uses long stretches to stretch out your fascia.
  • Encouraging Healing: Yin yoga activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which will allow your body to digest and simply rest. This will allow your body to better heal itself.
  • Detoxifying: You may not think of your negative emotions as toxins in your body, but studies show that stress, anger, and grief can all negatively impact your health. Yin yoga will help you relieve those toxic feelings.
  • Lessening Stress: During yin yoga, you learn to release the tension in your body, which helps reduce cortisol levels in your body and increase calmness in your mind.

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