Yoga Twists to Help You Make Room for the Future

Yoga Twists to Help You Make Room for the FutureYoga poses can help you feel unstuck during times when everything seems to be going against you, and help you make room for the future. 

Feeling stuck? Still? Motionless? Have you gotten yourself to believe that things will never change? Then it’s time to ignite the fire from within and chase after change. It’s time to burn away the past to create space for a better future. We have a tendency to hold onto every experience that crosses our path, and we tend to hold on to the negative ones. Over the course of time, these toxic memories prevent us from reaching our full potential. Here are yoga twists to help you make room for the future and reach your full potential.

  1. Reclined Spinal Twist
    Lie flat on your back with your knees tucked to your chest. Extend one arm out to the side and swing your knees to the opposite side of that arm. If you extended your right arm, bring your knees to the left side of your body and twist your spine. After a few deep breaths, repeat on the other side.
  2. Revolved Triangle Pose
    Place your right foot at the top of the mat with your left foot behind you and pointing outwards at 45 degrees. Take your left hand and place it on the outside of your right leg (by the shin) and raise your right arm perpendicular to the ground. Breathe, and repeat on the other side.
  3. Revolved Crescent Lunge
    Start in the crescent pose. Bring your hands together in prayer and slowly twist your torso to lock your right elbow on the outside of your left thigh. Breathe. Repeat on the other side.

Your life doesn’t have to stay still, change can happen and getting your body ready for this change is the first step towards great positive change. Want to use dance, yoga, and Pilates classes to start feeling your best? Contact One Body Studios in La Habra, California.

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